The day after.

Well I did it. Yesterday I signed off for the last time and packed my work phone and branded polos up in a box. I’m done. Then I spent a few hours working on this quitting my job post, which got sent out to some seventeen hundred people. Whew.

This spawned a call with an old roommate who I haven’t talked to in a year. They wanted to do some more investing in Bitcoin, and it was good to talk to them.

I also wound up making a huge mistake in taking the kids on a bike ride to the dollar store for ice cream. It was way to hot, Elder moaned and complained the whole way there and back, and we made a huge mess eating our ice cream outside the store. Plus it was rush hour and traffic was really bad. Maybe next time I’ll wait for the weekend.

And it looks like we might finally be able to close the door on COVID here. The gov’nor lifted restrictions Thursday and so we might finally be done with the masks.

Last night was party time. I let Elder play some of Dragon Age: Origins, it was interesting seeing her set up her character and try to get through the introduction. After the rest of the fam went to bed I stayed up too late watching Castlevania. Spent most of this morning recovering, watching TV until lunch, cleaned the house, and puttered around on the computer for a few hours. After I finish writing I’m going to cook some burgers and watch Cruella for popcorn movie night.

The Solana multisignature bug has been worked out. I just needed a missing switch. So we’re ready to form the vault control team with four other people. Once that’s worked out I need to figure out how to build a program that can make trades off of Serum. That’ll be interesting.

Other than that, BTC and ETH continue to range down. CryptoTwitter is a mess. Half of my feed is people calling for a bounce, the rest think we’re in a bear market. I don’t know what to think. Holding my coins to zero, I suppose. Just looking over my reFIREment fund and trying to figure out what moves to make. Some of my C-tranche is only getting 15-20%, so I got to move it. I just don’t really know to where. I’ve got a couple plans, but nothing is really doing anything spectacular. I’m going to have to work harder than I thought to get the yields I was looking for.

I’m also trying to figure out a strategy to take some market neutral positions that I can farm. For one of these positions, I’ll need to take half of my cash, buy and stake an asset with degen-worthy yield, then use my other cash to borrow the same amount of tokens, and sell them. Then I can sell the yield for cash. When that’s no longer sufficient to cover my maintenance fee, I use my staked position to pay back the loan and I’m out. I believe that’s how it’s supposed to work. There are lots of risks, depending on where I stake and where I borrow from, but it might be a good way to earn that income I need to extend my retirement and keep from having to dip into my stablecoins. We’ll see how that works out. I really need to think about that some more.

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