Travel day

So I’m off for Miami today. I have mixed feelings about it, which I think are just related to my general post-retirement malaise. I didn’t get a good night’s sleep and have already been up trying to clean the house and make lists of things I want to do, rules for the kids and fun things for my mom to do with them. I’ve got a lot to do this morning.

BTC and ETH are climbing. Nothing dramatic, but I did add to my ETH longs yesterday. I still got a long way until I get back to my big BTC purchase at $50,500. I scaled back my VSP loan yesterday, since my utilization was in the nineties, and the last thing I need is a liquidation while I’m out of town. I also exited out of most of my BSC positions. They’re just too small for me to have to worry about anymore.

It’s a bit more difficult than I expected to have my entire financial stake tied up in the market. My initial $100,000+ BTC thesis shouldn’t be invalidated by the recent drawdown, but there’s a lot of hemming and hawing on CryptoTwitter over whether a bear has returned, or whether we’re going to see a further BTC drawdown to $20,000. That would be pretty catastrophic, personally. I mean it won’t change my cash balance, of course, but I just don’t have the free funds to buy the dip. The pain would be severe, as I’d lose a few thousand in the liquidated longs. Can I live with that? I guess the nagging feeling I’ve been experiencing lately is telling me now.

I had Elder’s onboarding with Galileo yesterday. I’m going to have to start her earlier than I had anticipated, since most of the groups and nano-degrees start on the first of the month and she’s already missed the first classes. It wouldn’t make sense for her to start after she’s already missed the second, so I’m going to get her going next week after I come back. Her teacher, or facilitator or whatever they call it is a former elementary school teacher who is crypto-retired and is actually down in Miami for the conference as well.

There’s so much Miami in my feed right now I have fomo. Seems like everyone is living large and I’m struggling to make myself go to the thrift store and buy some shorts for the trip. I need to get moving, as I got less than six hours to get to the airport. I should probably figure out a budget so I don’t go crazy, put some BTC in a lightning wallet as I know they’ll be prevalent. I want to bring my Trezor in case I need to do anything, but I’m worried about the risk of carrying my main cold wallet with me. I may just bring it to the hotel — there’s no way I would take that into the main conference!

Time to get a move on!

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