Well we made it to Miami late last night. We got stuck in Baltimore for a few hours because of weather, then delayed further because our flight had maintenance issues. So we finally deplaned after midnight. We wound up taking a “taxi” to our hotel which somehow wound up costing us thirty dollars for the mile and a half trip. Missus didn’t want to haggle with the guy, it was so late, that’s what I get for not setting up Lyft on my phone before we left.

The conference has already started, but I needed the sleep, so I’m going to take my time and read the itinerary before I head out. I’m thinking about walking, as I don’t think it’s too far to the Maya Wynwood, we’ll see. I still need to get cleaned up and make sure I can bring my bag into the event.

I have some friends down here, including some investors that are interested in the Star Atlas deal that we put together. It should be interesting.

Missus is sleeping behind me, and my typing is disturbing her sleep.

I had fun today, despite myself. I took a Lyft to the conference, but was pretty bored for most of the day. The first highlight was shaking Michael Saylor’s hand as he walked into one of the events. I also ran into Lyn Alden. For the most part I was just walking around being hot, but at some point I decided to grab some drinks and sat down with a group of guys. We started talking and they told me that they were from my area. Literally less than twenty miles from my house. At first I thought they were fucking with me, but after some interrogation I determined that they were, in fact, my neighbor. It’s totally strange, considering the fact that we flew some thirteen hundred miles to hang out with people who live nearby. Insane, honestly.

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