Tonight is my last night in Miami. Went out to breakfast with some friends, Lift.Kitchen crew and the CryptoCurrent gang. Spent most of the day in our hotel room recuperating. Ate dinner at a hole-in-the-wall Cuban joint, had a $33 seafood paella, was super good but now I’m stuffed.

Getting ready to call a Lyft to take me to the B21 afterparty. Missus really didn’t want to go so I sold her pass. No big deal. Probably not going to make a big night of it since I overdid it yesterday.

So, some big news out of the conference earlier today. The president of El Salvador is pushing a bill to make bitcoin legal tender in the country, which is pretty fantastic. Markets are still punishing though. That said, there’s also been some pushback on CT about some of the cringe coming out of the conference, Max Keiser especially. Also, this happened:

I loaded some BTC up on Muun wallet to use for lightning payments at the afterparty, just wanted to keep the streak going.

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