Morning pages

So my birthday was pretty chill. Missus ordered dinner from the barbeque place down the street and we watched the pilot of Sweet Tooth. Managed to get the girls to without too much fuss and I worked on Clair de Lune for an hour or so before going to bed at a decent hour. Woke this morning and went for a jog while everyone was still asleep; had a good run.

Missus is going to the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays now, so I’m really glad I’m not working. I spent the morning with the girls making music. They wanted to do special time, which usually involves them beating me up on the trampoline or on the living room floor, but I decided to break out my PA and let them sing on the mic while I mess around on the piano. It has a bunch of rhythm templates that I can add chord progressions to, we can make simple songs out of it. Elder came up with some interesting lyrics, it was fun.

I did some work on Solana and Rust yesterday, trying to get some quirks of the multisig implementation worked out. Serum annoys me, since I’ve had several problem purchasing posters on it. I wound up buying seventeen of the first poster, and messed up a purchase for the dao before I went to Miami. The transaction went through, and I thought I was good, but I checked it yesterday and it wasn’t. Now it appears that I’ve missed the next poster, which is a huge problem. So I’ve got to figure out what to do about that.

Elder is working on one of her end of year tests for school. I’m delaying putting her in Galileo until July since it turns out she’s not actually done with school until the 17th. I was going to start her this week but there was just too much going on in Miami for me to deal with it, so we’ll wait.

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