I don’t know why I get a little sangfroid on my birthday. I used to think it was contemplation of my own mortality or something, but more likely it’s just the fact that I don’t have many close friends or social networks. Maybe it’s a status thing.

I think that might be what bothered me the most about Miami, the status games that were being played. It wasn’t a technical conference, and for the most part I didn’t even pay attention to any of the talks. I wanted to go to the Bitcoin is DeFi one, but it was late in the day on the first afternoon, and by that time I was well on my way to getting drunk and had probably left by then.

The afterparty especially reminded me of what Naval Ravikant calls status games. I remember looking at two guys sitting by themselves in one of the reserved VIP tables next to some thousand dollar bottle of Dom that they had purchased. Sitting by themselves, looking bored. I assumed they were some hot shot crypto traders, but they didn’t look like they were enjoying themselves any more than I did.

There were glimmers of fun while I was at the party, despite how I made it sound last night. I danced, once by myself and then later with a beautiful Mexican woman after talking with her and her husband for a while. I felt flashbacks to those days when I used to rave. Awkward days.

I’m glad to be home. I finished watching Castlevania last night and slept in a little this morning. Woke up next to Younger, looking at her face upside down and thinking how funny it looked as she blinked her eyes awake. Do you know what day it is? I asked her?

Cleaning day? Nope.

School day? Well, a little of that, but it’s a special day.

Daddy daughter day? Sure, we’ll have some of that, I’m sure we will.

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