Lake Bum

What a day. We drove a couple hours out today and just got back in an hour ago. Over six hours on the road. First we went out to a gem mine, then headed over to the family lake or a bit of swimming and fishing. I am exhausted, and everyone is sunburnt to various extents.

The “gem mine” was a bit of a letdown. You basically buy a bucket of dirt. The place scatters in feldspar, quartz and various other stones in the bucket, and the kids can then take scoops out of it and sift it through a sluice that they have setup. The girls loved it, but I’m glad we didn’t go too far out of our way for the thirty minutes or so that we spent there.

From the mine it was a forty minute drive to the family lake. My father and law has been busy up there, building up the dock. I did a bit of swimming with the girls and almost drowned myself. One side of Younger’s life jacket slipped out of the belt/chest straps and I thought she was going to slip right out the bottom of it and I started to panic. We were in the deep end and I had both girls with me, so when I ordered them to start swimming back they though I was playing a game and I was really scared that something was going to happen to one of them.

I tried staying out of the sun as much as possible; I forgot my hat, and there was no shade on the water, of course. The kids “caught” some fish, FIL hooked them and let the girls reel them in. The small lake is overstocked with fish, mostly small bass. We pigged out on snacks, drank a few beers and just hung out while the girls enjoyed themselves. It was a good time.

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