Fathers’ Day

Pretty decent day today, some market woes withstanding. Missus picked up all of the slack today and the kids weren’t too bad.

I got up early, well rested and had most of the morning to myself. The market had a bit of a dump and I realized how precarious my ETH leveraged longs were. I wound up taking a bit of margin out of BTC position and was preparing to throw it at my ETH position as a last resort, but the price rebounded and had a nice weekly close. I’m obviously a bit overextended there and spent a good deal of my time meditating trying to figure out what to do. I considered throwing cash at it but actually did the right thing and moved some money to fiat. Note to self: Gemini doesn’t do USDC and Voyager takes 5-10 days for transfers, so give yourself more wiggle room next time.

So while I was getting caught up on in the FUD and watching the five minute chart I listened to some music and farted around. It was a bit of a waste really, but I was still suffering from a bad diet the past few days. Younger went to church with the neighbors and Missus took Elder out to shop for Younger’s surprise birthday party, so I had the house to myself for a bit. Played piano but wasn’t productive in the slightest.

Missus got me a small keg for my homebrew, so I took the day to quit procrastinating and brew up a recipe I picked up at a local supply shop like six months ago. I’d been procrastinating because it required me to cook my own hops and I was fearing it’d be a huge pain in the ass. It was, but I figure I might as well get it over with. I’m still using my two gallon starter kit; I’m not sure I want to go further with the supplies I’ll need to do the full five gallon experience. We shall see.

I plan on getting to bed on time tonight, picking up with the habit wagon tomorrow: go for a run, do some deep work on coding, and get stuff done.

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