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This is actually my second attempt at a blog post today. The first one turned out a bit longer than my usual ones and is going to need a bit more work than I was able to give it today. The day was productive, but wasn’t really spent how I wanted it to. I did manage to get through a particularly difficult (for me) Rust Exercism that had been giving me trouble for a few days. I also spent a good deal of energy today cooking what turned out to be a delicious rack of ribs on the smoker using the 3-2-1 method. It was a lot of trouble and I feel like I spent most of the day cleaning up after myself.

Preparations for Younger’s surprise birthday continued. We also got the hottub repaired… after six months. I’d be ready to cross that one off the todo list, but we still have to get the cover replaced.

My mood has been much better today. I woke up with a bit of anxiety, fearing an overnight liquidation, but the price of ETH actually went up enough overnight that I didn’t have to worry about my position much. If I make it to a new ATH without liquidation I feel like I deserve a t-shirt or something.

I actually went ahead and borrowed VSP on Cream again. The VSP compound rate on Vesper was triple digits and the borrow rate was low enough that I went ahead and and took out a 50% utilization loan. It might not work out to be a terrible amount of money, but as long as it’s paying for itself I should be good. I didn’t take terribly good notes last time I did it, but maybe this time will pay off a bit better. My main risk is VSP going up more than 50%, so I set an alert on TradingView and will keep an eye on it.

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