Redemption day

Welcome to the bipolar blog, where yesterday I was on the verge of despair, and today everything is A-OK. I wound up throwing more cash at my long position before getting liquidated today, survived the bounce, and now everything looks like it’s going to be fine. We’ll see.

It was actually a pretty good day. I woke up on time, got in a workout, and managed several hours of deep work today on some Rust Exercisms as well as working on a React project for the Perp.Fi hackathon. Mainly it’s for myself, but if I can finish it in time I might be able to make a bounty off of it. I’m trying to track my potential funding gains. It requires a bit of Javascript and GraphQL work, so it’s keeping me on my ties. The Rust exercises are proving very hard, even though they’re considered easy. I’m working through them without any peeking in order to level up my deep work skills. Being able to push through when I can’t Google the answer will prove useful as I get to more difficult positions.

Speaking of which, I think that’s the idea behind why I push Elder so hard on the piano even though she says she doesn’t enjoy it. She’s given up on so many hobbies that I want to push her to show her that she can do something difficult. Still, it’s very stressful dealing with her limited mindset. I hope I can teach her to persevere even when something isn’t fun. I want to teach her that she can get through the dip so that she doesn’t give up and move on to something new and easy.

Despite almost getting liquidated today, and throwing more money at my margin, it was a pretty good day. After I survived the dip, at least. I don’t know if this is the bottom, but I will sleep good tonight. If this is the bottom then I’m well set to survive the next few months. Hopefully the funding will pay the bills for months to come.

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