Preparation day

Well, I’ve survived another day, despite my best efforts to sabotage myself last night. Perhaps I was feeling a bit relieved that I still haven’t gotten liquidated, and went a bit crazy. There was TV, video games, Netflix, and beer.

I woke up rather late this morning, and was pretty useless. I managed to get some cleaning done today, and did manage to finish another Rust Exercism this morning while the girls watched a movie. I didn’t get too much done after that though. What work I did manage to do was mainly housework: cleaning, laundry, and getting the house ready for Younger’s surprise birthday party tomorrow.

We’re pretty much ready, just a bit more cleaning, and then it’s just a matter of pulling off the last bit of decorations. Missus has a hair appointment, she’s going to get the food get home about a half hour before guests arrive. Then I’ll take Younger out for forty five minutes so they can finish setting up. Then we get back and then SURPRISE! It’s your birthday! I really feel like we should get some kind of award for pulling this off, but I imagine the look of sheer joy on her face will be enough.

So tonight I’ll be taking it easy, turning in early and making sure I’m well rested for what’s sure to be a long day tomorrow.

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