Surprise birthday

Younger’s party was today, and it went of pretty well considering we got rained out. We did the last bit of cleaning this morning, then lounged around the house most of the afternoon. My dad came by and took her out shopping while we did the final preparations. I picked up the catering and got back a few minutes before they got back. It was nice.

We had some early afternoon showers, so we had to move everything inside, but there was just too many kids in the house so we sent them outside to do cake and I set up the slip and slide for the last hour of the party. It was fun.

While I was killing time this morning I took advantage of low gas prices to clear up some of my shitcoin positions and made several Uniswap trades. I cleared up a few hundred dollars that I sent over to xDAI in case I need it for my Perp.Fi position. I really hope we are close to a bottom. I’d really hate to have to spend more of my reFIREment fund runway to keep this long from getting liquidated. Also funding has been flat so I’m not even really making much off of the position itself. It’s a long way back to break even.

I passed the rest of the day playing The Outer Wilds. It’s a great game, and I’m challenging myself to finish it without using the internet for help. The world building is quite amazing, and it’s a quite fascinating world-building example. I really want to finish it on my own.

Let you think all I did was party and play games all day, I did go to bed very early last night and woke up and worked out this morning. And cleaning up for the party got me to clean my desk for the first time in months, so it’s really decluttered. I took care of business today.

Tomorrow I go to my sister in law’s to celebrate her birthday. Elder went with her friend for a sleepover, so I’ll have to pick her up in the late afternoon. It seems that it’ll be a long day tomorrow.

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