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Today’s ETH run has been so fun that it almost makes me forget that funding is flat. But not really.

I’m probably up $10K since last week, but I still feel broke right now. Seems like everyone is getting rich minting JPGs, and I haven’t made a trade in weeks. Feels like, anyways. I’m starting to feel that FOMO that I knew would come, where I’m tempted to lever up. I’m going to stick to the plan though. If I don’t get any funding then I’m not going to lever up, at least until we break ATHs and I move my liquidation price up. I think that was the plan, anyways.

The Star Atlas IEO on Raydium is all set. I should know tomorrow how many of our lotto tickets get taken. We really got fucked on this one. We had 13 tickets in the SAIA DAO wallet, but I didn’t have enough cash on hand to stake all of them. Same thing with my personal and IRA wallets. It sucks, as both ATLAS and POLIS are sure to moon when the market drops. Well, I feel more strongly about POLIS, that’s for sure. ATLAS tokens are inflationary, but not POLIS. Work continues on the multisig. Since half the team is in Singapore, it’s a bit hard to coordinate things.

Younger is finally registered for Kindergarten. I had enough anxiety about it that I got up early and went to the school with her to turn in the paperwork. I felt like an asshole, registering her the day before open house. Oops. Parenting is hard.

Another non-productive day, overall. I watched TV, finished the Great Courses Best Solo Piano, worked on a Bach prelude, watched Money Heist, lounged around. Elder and I got in a big fight today over chores. C’est la vie.

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