Watching corn grow

So out of the twenty tickets we entered for the Raydium Star Atlas IEO, not a one of them won. Part of me is wondering whether I might have gotten some if I hadn’t messed up my bids or had enough cash to redeem the last one I missed out on. Que sera. One of the members of our SAIA Dao Vault Control Team won some and instantly made fifty grand. He dumped all his tokens today. I managed to avoid the fomo today, putting in a lowball bid. I managed to move funds from the xDAI Daohaus to my FTX account, and bridged ten thou of USDC over to the dao wallet. Because 2FA on my personal FTX account is broken, I had to use my IRA/LLC account, which is limited. So we’ll see how price action goes over the next day or so, and try buying in some sort of DCA strategy.

It was a bit of a mad house today. It looks like the Star Atlas launch caused some sort of Solana issue, they had a technical issue and Raydium was all screwed up in the hour after the launch. Fun times.

PA was mostly flat today. BTC was back over fifty thou this morning and has been down and back up today, the usual. Perp funding is flat still, I’m only up two hundred for the week. I can’t complain, considering my current PnL. I also got confirmation that I can partially close a position, which is good, since it gives me options in addition to removing margin from the position.

Vesper’s VSP token has been mooning, most likely due to inclusion in the DPI fund. I had to close out my CREAM loan since I was a bit too close to my liquidation price. I still have some open with my IRA funds, but I was a bit more conservative with the ratio on that. Overall I think I have netted a couple hundred dollars. Not bad, but not that great considering the gas costs. I still need to sell the VSP tokens, or restake the ones I netted. Hopefully I can sleep on it another day, I honestly wasn’t expecting VSP to pump since it’s inflationary. I guess we’re getting to that point in the cycle where everything is about to moon. Just waiting on the corn, I suppose.

I didn’t have to scream at the kids today, which is always a win. I took Younger to open house at her Kindergarten. There are only a dozen kids in her class, with a teacher and an assistant, which is a really good ratio. Elder was mostly compliant, did her chores without too much fuss, including piano and Spanish work. She also completed a special project that I had asked her to do, a rendition of Rosie the Riveter that I had asked her to do as a Labor Day present for Missus. I was going to mint it as an NFT, but wouldn’t let me connect her wallet and I gave up. She wants to print a couple copies but I’d have to send it to the printers since it’s color. We’ll see what we can do tomorrow.

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