It’s Saturday night and I’m exhausted. Stayed up too late last night tying one on, and had to do some work today to punish myself. I spent too many hours out in the sun staining my deck, but it looks great though! And this afternoon I took the girls to a birthday party for three hours. Now I just want to go to bed.

I did find some time this morning to work on I created another Python definition in my library to transform the json I need for the serum-history application, but because of some early design choices that we made I have to figure out a way to change Redis keys for over seven hundred tables. We didn’t have the official symbols for some of the items, and the ones that were correct need to be updated to reflect that they are USDC pairs. Due to the scale of the problem I’ll probably correct the ones that are wrong and wait until the introduction of ATLAS pairs before changing the other. On top of that, the Atlas team used the same symbol for two assets which break as straight automation build, so I’m trying to get it to change it. For now though, I’ll just have to write a check to change the two in question so that they’re unique.

So I’ll have three Python functions that print the proper keys for the three files, one in serum-history, the other two in the serum-ts library. Hopefully we’ll be able to detect changes in official feed and use some sort of CI/CD pipeline to update the backend and frontend systems.

Once I get these worked out, I need to deploy the static front end somewhere. It’s got issues, but we’ll have enough to get some traffic and if we can generate some trading fees then at least we’ll have our idea validated. We’ll add the category pages to the nav bar so that people don’t have to remember the symbols, and then we can work on settlement and trading capabilities.

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