Evening page

I have really go to start writing these in the mornings, not in the evenings when I’m too exhausted or too ripped to write. It’s more of the former right now.

We finally validated the multisig this morning with the team and I moved over our Rebirth posters. All went well, and I’ll probably sleep a little better tonight.

I’ve been working on Python scripts to help transform the SA JSON feed into the type of data structures that I need for our history module and dex front ends. We made some mistakes so I need to do some more work before I can fulfil my dream of fully automated CI builds. The good news is that we now have a dao member who is familiar with React, so I can get some help. Thank goodness.

I took many thousands in contributions today for the dao, it’s exhausting. I need to be doing more delegating and figure out how to be a CEO or whatever if this is going to work.

But tonight I’m taking a break and playing video games. Just kidding, I’m probably going back upstairs to write Python code.

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