Pressure building

I have got to take better care of myself. Got a bit loose last night, watching TV and drinking till 12:30 AM. This morning was a bit rough and I had to take a nap this afternoon. I still managed to get a lot done.

My primary focus was getting this SAIADao proposal in. The negotiation was pretty intense but I think I have something together that everyone will be happy with. Basically we’re buying a wallet full of Star Atlas Rebirth rewards for shares in the dao, and we had to come up with a valuation for some rather expensive, illiquid assets. So much going on there.

I’m late writing because I’ve been glued to the computer since eight this evening as part of a gear sale they’re doing as part of their GAO event. I’m not going to write too much alpha here right now, but we should be able to automate the listing of new releases straight to our data collector and dex front end. It’s going to take some work to build it out but ooh yea it’s going to be nice.

There’s a hundred other things I could write up but I am tired and going to bed. I need to work out tomorrow and have some very important things I need to get done.

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