Today has been absolutely insane. I think I raised close to $100k today, a third of that are “intentions to” but it’s just been crazy. I spent most of this morning dealing with Discord proposals, taking money from people left and right. I had to take a few calls, including one person who does “economic modeling” for a living. Tokenomics: CHECK. I also spoke to an old school cryptographer last night who is pulling some strings to get me some help with the dex work. Absolutely fantastic.

Things are moving really fast. I met with a VC group today, their main concerns were legal structure, multisig, and documentation. So we’re pretty well aligned there.

I’m definitely feeling the pressure. I think I’ve figured out how we can scale funding up to where we need to go, there’s just a lot of other pieces that need to come together. I am going to have to delegate a lot of this stuff, so it’s all about finding people that I can trust to handle things for me. I’m obviously not going to be able to do all the technical stuff that I’m trying to do — let alone half of it — plus the management side of things.

Lost my train of thought, Discord message ping ping ping ping ping.

Had another convo with someone I’ve known a short time, remarking on the fact that I’m anon and that people are sending me these large amounts of money with barely a five minute exchange over Discord. It’s all about trust, he said. Yea, it is. And social proof. It’s just amazing that after grinding and grinding and grinding it seems like it starting to come together.

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