Faction selection day

Yesterday was pretty productive, even considering the fact that I was dragging ass most of the day. I did get out our SAIAdao weekly update, and I also managed to migrate our serum-history module off of Redis to Elasticache and downgraded our EC2 instance. Spent the rest of the evening watching Metaplex videos, trying to wrap my head around the concepts of master editions and limited edition mints.

I made it to bed on time, started rereading Foundation because of the TV show and went to sleep when I got tired. We had a disaster of a night, both kids wet the beds and Elder threw in a nosebleed for good measure. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up and ran three miles, meditated and got Younger off to the bus stop.

I have a tight schedule today. I forgot I have to take my MIL across town today for a medical appointment. I just hope that I can get back before the 1PM town hall that I scheduled yesterday. It might be a bit tight.

Faction selection for Star Atlas starts in several hours as well, so I need to create at least two, maybe three accounts. I have my ‘main’ player account, the SAIAdao assets which I will be farming with as well, and a few resources in my IRA account. I may just sell these instead of trying to make a player account with it. We’ll see.

So there’s a lot going on, I need to spend more time writing code than blog posts, and it doesn’t look like I’m going to get much done in the way of deep work today. I better get to it.

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