Night writer

Well it has definitely been an interesting day.

First off I stayed up way to late (again). The Star Atlas faction selection kicked off last night and there were bugs with Ledger and Phantom integrations, so I tried to help out with that. After, I watched two episodes of Foundation, and went to bed late, so I got up to a slow start. I knew we had missed the bus so I wound up driving Younger into school. She had a snotty nose, but insisted on going, and I was too tired to fight with her about it, so I took her in.

Big mistake.

Missus had just left the house when I got a call from the school. Younger had a fever of 101 and had a sore throat. FML. I apologized profusely and promised I would start walking to the school to pick her up. I wound up riding my bike, holding hers next to me with one hand as I rode to the school to pick her up. I let her watch as much TV as she wanted. I tried to go back to sleep, but it was useless.

I discovered that Star Atlas had updated information on the two new ship sales, so I needed to update our exchange. With a migraine. One of my blinding migraines where I have blind spots everywhere and can barely see. My scripts weren’t working quite as I wanted them to but I only needed two markets updated, and somehow I managed to get the code deployed. I’m quite astonished myself. It was miserable. But I did it.

We had some really good engagement with this, and might actually make some money at launch if people are actually using our front end to place the orders that I’ve seen up there. We shall see.

I sat in on Metaplex office hours as well, and got some clarifications on the way token metadata works with regard to mints. Answered some difficult questions that I had.

Other than that, I spent some time going over Serum market data regarding the trade data recreation project that I’m obsessed about.

Oh yea, BTC has been making a huge run last couple of days and my Perp positions are at ATH. I could close the position, open since mid-May, and would be in the profit for 1.5x my previous annual salary. And we’re not even close to macro ATH or cycle top, in my opinion, anyways. I’m not closing until I have enough to pay off all my debt, house and school. Taxes complicates that, of course, but I’ll figure that out later.

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