Turning down opportunities

So I’m usually very open and transparent about what is going on in my life here on the blog. I have no filter, basically. I think the only thing I don’t write about is my sex life. And don’t worry, Dear Reader, I’m not about to start now. But there are somethings going on that I feel like I can’t talk about publicly, even in this pseudo-anonymous forum.

Star Atlas released their two new ships today, and staratlas.exchange had a pretty nice haul. Yesterday we had about eight bucks in the wallet, we netted about two hundred bucks today on the two launches. It was a pretty good feeling. That equates to over $600k in orders that were posted through our front end, which is actually a pretty small percentage of orders that were sold today. Atlas Co. made at least $3m on the fighter sale, I haven’t looked a the bomber volume since I wrote this Tweet this AM.

So yea, I’m pretty stoked about it. We’ll need another launch or two this month to pay for our RPC host, but it’s pretty awesome.

I also spent the day working on an update on the exchange to increase the orderbook depth. It was only seven before, and now it’s 99 with a scroll bar that gets auto-set to the middle of the book

Also, Star Atlas updated the PILOT and CAPN badges to be crew members, so I’m in the middle of updating our markets now. This one will involve a symbol change, which means using the Redis key rename script that we used previously. This time on Elasticache. So I’ll be heading up to do that right after this.

Our chart API isn’t holding up very well. I had to restart it after the two launches today. It needs to be made part of a scaling group or something, but I’m trying to keep those costs down as much as possible. I might need to put it behind some sort of caching service or something, but I’ll have to figure that out first. More work for me.

It’s really exciting to be doing this. Every day I’m learning something new. I really learned a lot about React and the HTML DOM today working on the DEX update, and the work isn’t going to stop anytime soon from what I see right now.

Tomorrow is going to be even more exciting. I can’t even talk about it yet. Let me just say that I was messaged by a recruiter on LinkedIn. It was for a PolkaDot project, Rust dev position paying $180k.

I told him I was too busy.

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