Writing day

I did a lot of writing today.

First up on my agenda was the weekly SAIAdao update. Flat would be the word I would use to describe it. I actually didn’t write too much about the DEX because I didn’t want to give to much away this week. I got a lot more work to do, including paying the bills, so I’ll probably keep quiet on it until it’s a month old.

I had at least two discussions over voice chat about Solana NFTs. I think I’ve finally wrapped my head around the actual fungible aspects of it.

So Star Atlas “NFTs” are technically spl-token mints with zero decimals and a metadata account. What most people think of as NFTs are actually spl-token mints with zero decimals, a supply of one, and a metadata account.

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about it and talking about it, but I’m not spending any development time on it at all. I’m stuck in Typescript hell. This morning I figured out that I was working off the archived version of the Solana explorer, so I forked the repo and tried to run it, but I got Typescript errors. How it could have possibly been checked in in such a state is beyond me. Such craftsmanship. I kid.

I’m kind of fixated on the whole Serum market transaction history thing. I’ll have more to say about that later on, but there might be grants and collaborations involved. Let me just say that there’s more writing involved.

For now I’ll just be happy if I can get these TS libraries to compile.

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