Busting butt

Wow, what a roller coaster day. I was dragging butt all morning and didn’t get a lot done, but sometime around midday I kicked into gear and solved a problem that had been bugging me for some time. It’s about SAIAdao of course.

I’m not going to spend too much time going over it here because I’m actually writing a proposal about it right now and don’t want to repeat myself. Let me just say that there was a heated debate about it for several hours today, and I started drafting up the problem statement and goals section before I had a solution. Once I properly defined those I started sketching things out on paper and developed a working plan rather quickly. I then threw some numbers in a spreadsheet and, to my amazement, my new proposal seems to work rather well.

Now I just need to finish explaining it in lay terms.

Last night also saw some progress in the grant proposal I mentioned last night. I managed to recruit a valuable team member. Still, there’s little I can say here on the subject at this time.

Other than that I did a few changes to the serum-indexer that I overlooked during the last change, and I’ve been working on converting some JS code that will be used to generate our market update code when Star Atlas does theirs. It’s coming along quite well, even considering my unfamiliarity with JS and async/await functions.

More work tonight, but hopefully I can get to bed earlier than I did last night.

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