I’m doing morning pages because I want to procrastinate working out. I haven’t lifted weights in a couple weeks, or run in seven days. I’ve just been drinking too much alcohol and not waking up refreshed enough. That’s not quite true, even when I don’t drink I’m still feeling sluggish when I wake. I blame the longer nights.

Missus said she’s starting to feel the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. That’s bad news because we haven’t even started Daylight Savings Time. Or ended it, you know. That transition is going to suck.

This morning wasn’t too bad, other than Younger refusing to sleep by herself again. Missus went to bed early, Younger beside her. I moved her to her bed and woke up in the middle of the night and she was there. Missus got up and moved to Younger’s bed, and then she followed her mama a minute later. I had some restless dreams.

I don’t have any promises to anyone this morning, and my Discord DMs were few. So I really have no excuse not to take my time this morning and give myself a good hour of time to get fit. Just a few more minutes of writing though, then I’ll get up and change, sweep the living room floor of toys and other clutter, put on a podcast and give the old meat puppet that is my body a bit of exercise.

I’m working on StarAtlas.Exchange this morning. We still don’t have a fully automated update system, and I want to make it as simple as possible for us to stay in sync with Star Atlas’s NFT feed. There are several steps that have to happen including file generation, repo updates, and triggering a TypeScript compilation and Node restart on our indexer. This last one is going to be the tricky part, but it should be ok.

Should be a productive day, as long as I remember I have no one to answer to this morning but myself.

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