Day trip

This morning was a bit rough, since Saturday night turned into a party.

I went right to work on the PaulX Solana escrow tutorial, and managed to get through a good deal of it after a bit of trouble last night with a Cargo dependency error. I typed out every line of code since I wanted to make sure I internalized everything that was going into it. I got through the program build steps, and was working on the deployment scripts when I stopped earlier.

I needed to get the kids out of the house, so I found a park that we hadn’t been too before and I took the girls and the neighbors there for a couple hours. It was huge, and they had a great time. There was also a nice garden with herbs and local plants and trees that was pretty nice, and there was also a visitors center with a scenic overlook on the river that we went to. It was very beautiful.

The kids are in bed right now or are getting ready, and I’m about to head back upstairs. One of the SAIAdao devs messaged me earlier and got me talking about our plans to remove the DEX token lists from the Serum module. Right now we’re injecting it into the node module during build time, but I want to pull it out of there entirely and use an export from our local library. If that works then we plan to move to a client-side script that will pull the data live in real time from the Star Atlas website. Then we won’t even half to rebuild the site when we need to do updates. I’ll be spectacular. We’ll still have to update our indexer in order for the charts to work, but that’s another thing I’ll worry about another time.

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