Sixty-six thousand

And nine-hundred and ninety-nine dollars

Well, BTC smashed the ATH yesterday. Per usual, I didn’t get much done. I managed to get through the PaulX Solana tutorial and had a call with the founder of Collab.Land, but I was totally ADHD with the charts and Twitter. Wound up getting a bit too sauced and stayed up till 1:30AM watching Squid Game. This morning I’m rekt. Took Younger to the bus stop then came back and went to bed for another hour and a half.

I’m going to work on the serum-dex-ui this morning. I got the token mints pulled out of the serum module, and have the browser pulling the json feed from Galaxy, now I just need to pass the data to a few other modules for the actual rendering. I feel pretty confident about it, so let’s see if I can churn this out in a couple hours.

The market, and by this I mean NYSE, opens in about five minutes. BTC pulled back since yesterday’s close, so we’ll see how much activity there is after the opening bell. If the ETF gets a lot of volume I suppose we’ll go back up. I actually sold a couple options on LedgerX yesterday, October 22 $68k for BTC and October 29 $5k for ETH. I’m only playing around with a couple contract as I don’t want to sell, but am just experimenting with covered calls. I think when I am ready to sell some BTC I’ll sell the futures, that way I can buy them back if there’s a pullback. Enough about that for now though, I want these contracts to expire first.

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