So the new Bitcoin futures ETF launched yesterday and did massive amounts of volume on the NYSE yesterday, propelling bitcoin up within less than a thousand dollar of it’s ATH. At least that’s the way it looked on the Coinbase chart. Others decided to celebrate regardless, as bitcoin closed at an all time daily high in several time zones, including here. There were also some exchanges that didn’t show the spike that the Coinbase chart had, and so yes, one could say that BTC hit a new record yesterday.

Me, I’m holding of the official celebration until we have a proper breakout above $64, 938 on Coinbase. I still had the unofficial celebration last night, as I had other reasons to celebrate as well. I’ll just have to tease for right now, as I don’t want to make any comments here until I have something official lined up. Let me just say it’s some potentially very good news.

I really didn’t get much work done yesterday, as I am wont to do when BTC starts making these moves up. Hopefully today I can get some work done. I plan on finishing the PaulX Solana tutorial, then move on to the Anchor version of it. Maybe I’ll mix things up by working on the DEX dynamic token list and menu generator. Either way, I’m going to stay focused on web3 stuff today.

I did manage to get the SAIAdao loot rebase proposal out for a governance vote, so that’s one less thing for me to worry about. Still, I’ve got do a lot more preparation for the actual migration, hence the focus on actual Solana program development. I’ve got to be able to read this stuff well and figure out how I can automate tasks that we need to do.

And I need to act fast. I want to have this deployment done before the Star Atlas mini-game launches “in a couple weeks” so I think that gives me four to six weeks.

The race is on.

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