Going the distance

Well, we made it to Tuesday. I got a lot of work done and took care of my health, and have a lot more to get into today.

First off, I wrote a seriously long update for SAIAdao yesterday. Took about four hours to put together. It’s gone over well so far. There are lots of things to figure out, but overall we’re ready to move forward with the rebase proposal, and that’s my first priority for this morning.

I also have a meeting later today with Jacob Floyd, the CTO of Star Atlas. The community leader, Santi, pulled me into a chat with Floyd on the subject of providing some sort of lending or scholarship model for the game. Basically we need to design a system or program that would allow asset owners to earn yield on them without having to play the game themselves. But we have to do this in such a way that the lender can’t transfer or sell the assets, they can only be used in the game itself.

I’m really excited about the meeting, and a lot of people are interested in the outcome as well. It should be really exciting.

I spent a good deal of time last night working though the PaulX Solana tutorial. It’s coming along. My IDE is really acting up though, and it’s causing me lots of problems. I wasted an hour farting around with it last night. Hopefully the support staff can help me out with that, otherwise I’m stuck to my downstairs laptop for the time being. Anyways, the point is that I’m getting more familiar with Solana programs and scripts. I’m not saying I’m going to start writing program code from scratch, but I’ve got a better handle on how things should work.

The Solana ecosystem is really ramping up. There’s a lot of activity in the various Discords, and actually devs are in high demand. I’m ramping up my skills and feel like things are going to move very fast.

I was in the standup meeting for the SourceCred dev meeting yesterday, and just listening to the way they talked was almost foreign. Maybe not what they said, but more like how they talked about things. They didn’t talk about time spent on features, but rather the complexity of them. They had grants from partners to work on certain features. It opened my mind just a crack to a new way of operating.

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