When I started this blog, it was a place for me to write about my life anonymously without worrying about what people thought. These days, though, my pseudonymous identity is more real to me than the real me. Outside of my family, I spend more time on Twitter and various Discords that I do with friends. So the result is that this blog is no longer the place for me to vent and get shit off my chest. I have to think about what I put here now.

Not that I should really worry, no one reads this except for what they find on Google. My biggest hit is still the Windows error message post I wrote from two years ago. Still, I don’t want to speak about a particular opportunity right now as I don’t want to blow it. Let’s just say I have a very important phone call today, one that will likely bring me out of reFIREment, an offer I can’t refuse, so to say.

That’s what’s foremost on my mind this morning. I’ve got some reading to do this morning for research and then I need to write up some questions. Most of all, I need to prepare myself mentally. They say there are two kinds of stress, distress, a bad one, and eustress, a good one. I was trying to figure out the good version of anxiety, and anticipation is the closest word I can think of.

I am in a high state of anticipation.

What happens today will likely change the entire family’s life for the better, and is something that I’ve been working toward for several years. I can’t wait. I’m going to sign off here, knock out the rest of my research and take some notes, then get some work done while I wait for the appointed hour.

Life is now.

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