So I had my second call with the CTO of a prominent NFT gaming company yesterday. I was offered a position last week and finally got some compensation numbers yesterday. It was fair, but there are a lot of questions surrounding equity as well as my current obligations to SAIAdao that need to be resolved before I can formally accept any offers, but I’m really excited to have the opportunity.

For most of our relationship, Missus has been the primary breadwinner in our family. Save for a couple months when she was getting her licensure, she’s held a cushy government job with a pension and has provided health insurance for the family. Her base salary has always been around ten or fifteen grand more than me this whole time, and I’ve been fine with that. My last couple years with Zombie, LLC, it was more about the personal freedom than the pay anyways. I used to call it my minimum viable lifestyle job.

Now I’ve got an offer on the table where’ll be making over two times her salary, including insurance and unlimited PTO. She said she didn’t know how she felt about the whole situation, since she’s always been the one on top, not just during our relationship, but with all of the men she’s dated. We were trying to figure out whether the word emasculate applied here. The word does have a definition of “weakening someone” beyond the context of male power, but I’m not really sure it fits here either. I’ve just one-upped her, it’s all. It might change the power dynamics of our relationship a bit, but not that much as far as our net worth is concerned. I imagine that might change after a couple years, but we’ve got time to figure that out.

So today I need to fire off an email to the company HR man to get into the details of my compensation package, and figure out how I exit the dao. A buyout isn’t out of the question, but I’m hoping that I can get the tokenomics working and build out the lending platform as part of my ninety day plan.

I’ve been working on the dex the last couple days, trying to figure out a bit of Javascript. I have a working algorithm, but I was hoping to clean up the code and have been struggling with a reduce function. I’ll probably write more about this after I figure it out or abandon it. And then I’ve got to get the nftProvider into a token_and_mints module, to replace the static json files that we’ve been using. At that point we’ll be ready to deploy and have a dynamic dex that updates itself based on the Galaxy feed from Star Atlas.

Then I really must start focusing on Anchor development. I’ve got contracts to write.

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