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Missus is sick today, so I had to get both girls ready and out to school by myself. Younger gave me a bit of lip about not going, but Elder gave me the nth degree of Hell this morning. I woke her up ten minutes late because she stayed up way too late and I knew she was going to give me trouble, and yea, the shit started because I woke her up late. Took an hour to get her gone because she wanted to argue and skulk about everything. Ugh.

I got stuck with the DEX work yesterday. I have a data provider in a React component, but need the data in a non-React component, which is a problem because of the Rules of Hooks. I had to step away from it and decided to start focusing on Solana/Anchor stuff. I’m starting by building a series of scripts that will let me simulate deployment of SAIAdao tokens to members. I’m not really building out any contracts yet, just using the framework and copying tests to setup the way I want things to operate. So far I’ve just been able to create two token mints. The next step is to start the distribution simulation. I think I know how I’m going to handle the fact that I don’t have everyone’s Solana addresses yet. I should get started with some design docs.

Basically I’ll be starting with the known list of Ethereum addresses and the current shares and loot balance. I’ll get this in a CSV and import it into my script. We know the vesting schedule (2%/week for fifty weeks), so it’s just a matter of turning the crank and minting the requisite number of tokens. We’ll probably have to create an token account for each participant, and once we have the associated wallet address we can set them as the beneficiary. The question is whether we’re doing this with AMM LP tokens, or individual allocations.

There’s more prep work I’ll need to do first. I need to wrap up some proposals on DaoHaus, close off memberships and get an updated list. Then figure out whether we need to rebalance the shares/loot balance. I’m thinking ‘yes’. Then map out the logic a bit better.

At initialization, we’ll mint all the number of shares and loot in circulation, create an AMM, stake tokens and receive LP.

For staging, we’ll create token accounts for each participant and distribute their shares to the token accounts. I’m thinking that I’ll require each member to create a DaoHaus proposal with the associated Solana address that they want to use, I can just export these to create my map. Or maybe Collab.Land will be able to help us with this portion. We’ll see, I just schedule a meeting with them for this evening.

Lots to do, and I’m still trying to negotiate a starting position with unnamed as well. The question is whether I can do better with them than on my own. I honestly don’t know the answer to that question right now.

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