I was lying in bed, my brain running through the the things it does as I’m falling to sleep when BLOG! popped into my head. So here it is, quarter to midnight and I am hunched behind the keyboard once again.

Yesterday was pretty busy, but I overdid it last night, staying up till 2AM playing Dyson Sphere Program. I didn’t get out of bed until 9AM. Missus had gone to bed at a decent hour and was up and about — something that never happens on a Sunday.

I spent most of the morning doing my regular Perp management. Funding brought in about $400 after last week’s decline in margin. I rolled it up aggressively, taking my liquidation price as high as I could to the growth line that I set several weeks ago. I’m still well under it for my main ETH position, and I did compound my IRA positions this time as well. I haven’t done that in quite some time.

After that I did my routine for SAIAdao. I didn’t DCA anything since our cash is reserved for the C11, and since ATLAS was so high I sold our ORCA emissions and recompounded the POLIS. That got me thinking…

I’ve been really confused about the availability of Serum market AMMs. There’s a pool program in the monorepo, which I had thought was an AMM. It’s not. It’s a basket of tokens, like a TokenSet or what have you. I had conflated it with the Solana Foundation token-swap program, which is an AMM program, but has been deprecated. I believe that Raydium and Orca may be using their own versions of it, but I haven’t verified that yet.

Point is I went ahead and made an POLIS/ATLAS Serum market today. I went through the DEX code and had to add the ref code for ATLAS pairs, created the market and got the update pushed out. I had originally done it as a prerequisite for making a Atrix pool, but their program locks 50% of the LP when you start it, not to mention 4 SOL to fund the crank, so no sir. I found out about the 50% lock after I had created the market. Whoops.

I hope the whole exercise doesn’t turn out a waste of the 2.8 SOL I used to create the market, but who knows, maybe we can do something with it.

Today is Halloween, and the day the Bitcoin whitepaper was released thirteen years ago. The kids didn’t really have costumes this year. Younger just wore a Minnie Mouse hoodie, and Elder had a green riding hood. She was supposed to be a wood elf, but kept losing her ears. We went to two Trunk or Treats, one last week at Younger’s school, and another yesterday by the Girl Scouts. We walked the neighborhood tonight, someone down the street did a really good haunted house. It was creepy as hell, I think I was more freaked out than the kids were.

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