Fight Night

Well it was bound to happen because things have been going well for too long apparently. And just as you cannot have the day without night, or the head of a coin without the tails side, so can you not win without losing. And apparently I have been winning lately. And since the money problem has been solved, along with the house repair problems, so must our minds must create new ones to keep ourselves occupied.

I’m not taking the bait.

Outside of our marital situation, I’ve been a bit of a hardass at the office. I’m in a leadership position, and I’m not quite sure of myself. I need people to deliver, but there are things that no one is delivering that I’ve taken upon myself to do. Everyone wants ‘simple’, but simple isn’t a design requirement. Maybe there’s a CHEAP-FAST-GOOD triangle for technical design that I’m not aware of, but we’re talking about unsolved technical problems. Who knows? My imposter syndrome isn’t as bad because I’m realizing there’s not anyone else who knows better anyways. At some point you have to move out of discussion into ideation or implementation or production or whatever you want to call it. People want to talk but I need functionality.

The end, it’s Tuesday night and the hardest part is choosing to go to bed versus not going to bed.

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