A Tale of Two Daos

SAIAdao should have their final, FINAL payout structure. Not that we’re paying out, but after numerous revisions I believe we have the final figures for dao member exit percentages. There’s a meeting on Saturday, that should end a good deal of my involvement. I’m still managing the assets, of course, but hopefully we’ll be able to move forward with the next phase of the venture.

Econ work on POLISdao continues. I’ve been running simulations to figure out what we’re doing on the rewarder system. We have two approaches that we’re hoping to do, a simple one, and a more complicated one that is more accurate.

Cain and I made some good progress with Solana today. We had to hunker down and do some deep work, but we got through it and learned a lot. We’ll continue tomorrow.

The kids and I had a pretty good day. We played Santa Cookie Elf Candy Snowman and It Takes Two for special time. Missus and I had a good day, in spite of our fight yesterday. She got run ragged by Younger last night, who seemed to think she spent all night in her own bed.

I wound up having a late night scotch with D., who needed some electrical tape and came over after everyone was in bed yesterday. I played Tool videos and talked about Alan Watts. I don’t think there’s much intellectual rigor there on his part. Unexamined is probably the best word for it.

The kids are in their rooms and I’m going to relax with an episode of Ozarks. To bed on time tonight.

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