Saturday chill

Today was mostly chill. Of course I stayed up late Friday night, but managed to keep things reasonably restrained, only staying up till 2AM playing FarCry 5 with Ed G. I woke at nine to my dad coming over. He wanted to see the girls and I had told him that two of our cannabis plants needed transplanting to bigger pots and were therefore too big for me to keep here at the house. We sat around the living room, shooting Nerf guns at each other for an hour or two, then I showed him our broken hot tub and potted the plants before he left.

Elder and I played It Takes Two for a good while. Younger watched us for a bit. Missus was on a bit of a cleaning spree and even cooked us a Mediterranean dish that the kids didn’t care for. I sent them upstairs after dinner while the two of us watched Ted Lasso. So now Younger has been put to bed and the rest of us are reading books in bed. I’ve stepped downstairs to turn out the lights and type this note. I’ve started reading Alan Watts autobiography.

SAIAdao had a meeting today. It went well. We expect a litepaper from JD next week on how we’re proceeding. Going to give people an opportunity to rage-quit before we go onto the next stage. It’s all good; I’m not making decisions anymore.

Tomorrow the girls should be off to church, and I do not know what I’ll do. I know what I’ll be avoiding though, primarily avoiding taxes — doing my taxes, that is. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to game with my brother, who has been sick and I have not talked to in several weeks.

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