I talk to much. Said the man who blogged daily for several years and never bothered to listen to anyone. What a day. Elder was kept home because of a sore throat last night. We had a pleasant day. Considering how yesterday ended, it went extremely well. She offered to play Mancala, and we played several games, official rules and hers, and we decided to play the official way. She beat me more than once.

I’m making progress at work. I finally figured out something that I need to do and have a project for the week. My ninety days is tomorrow.

I’m not making progress with my workout. About the only thing I’m getting out of the Whoop is enough sleep. It does do a good job of that, but I haven’t quite figured out why the GPS tracker is inconsistent with my runs. And the goddamn shoes… really should have worked out today, because I didn’t do anything physical today. Workout on the priority list for tomorrow.

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