Balloon rescue

Today was about the most archetypical day I can imagine. I worked out, ran, meditated, and had a decent day at work. Home life, not so much though. The girls came home and ran off to play. Younger was in a such a good mood when I came back and caught her coming back from a walk with her friends. Then she had a rather bad accident — bad by Kindergarten standards — and she about broke Missus’s heart. She had been in a small tree and was trying to get away from one of the smaller children and jumped out of the tree, catching the her exposed side on a branch.

Elder, not to be outdone, is having an allergy/sinus issue, so I’ve doped her up and sent her to bed.

There was a bit of fun while we were getting ready for bed. Younger has a helium balloon she bought this weekend, and she was being a bit too rough with it before bedtime, and the ribbon came off. She was in my bedroom, with elevated ceilings, and I was unable to reach it. I was not about to go get the ladder at seven-thirty, and was trying to move her to bed, but Missus started brainstorming ways for us to get it. It was too high for me to lift any of the kids, so Missus started throwing stuffed animals at it to get it further down the slope of the ceiling where I could reach it. That didn’t work, so I put Elder on top off my dresser, hoping she could climb onto a small ledge set into the wall — why it’s there, I have no clue — but she couldn’t reach it. So it was my turn. Climbing up on an old hamper, and onto my dresser, I was able to rescue the balloon and return it to Younger’s room, with her eight-foot ceilings.

I am turning in now, at nine, to read and turn in on time to recover for tomorrow.

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