To make God laugh

…tell it your plans.

Friday was a very good day. My plan to present my work to impress the team went well, culminating with me giving a presentation not only to the PMs, the engineering team, and also about 400 people in a town hall. I also got doxxed. There’s that.

I do not need the attention right now. Either from a three letter agency nor some other problem coming through my front door. The fact that I’m still here typing should say a lot, but I’m not sure what the real risk is. It’s apparent that some additional transparency is required, but I don’t know if I’m ready to go all in and dox myself completely. It’s insane.

So the question becomes whether to kill BCM. Or go all in.

Kicked off work, took the girls to Scouts. Broke open the current batch of homebrew IPA and almost blew up the keg because I forgot to put the tube in. This is another batch that did not come out great. Not sure I want to keep it up but we’ll see.

Stayed up playing FC and listening to music with Ed. This Kal Marks track was hitting particularly hard:

Not much to say about this morning since I slept through most of it. Had a SAIA meeting that went well and gave me some work to do Sunday.

Spent most of the afternoon out. Went to buy clothes for myself, but wound up getting a bunch of stuff for the girls as well. Got a haircut, drove to see dad, then came back and see one of my higher companions. OMG.

Picked up Chinese and watched Spider-Man: Homecoming with the girls and spent some quality time with Missus. Got back to journal and kick it around the house for a bit.

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