I didn’t sneak

Today is a beautiful day. And yesterday was really nice as well.

I didn’t stay up too late Saturday night, I didn’t drink and woke up feeling well. My Whoop said I was 96% recovered, so I took that to mean I needed to get some exercise. So I got the girls out the door for church and went for a four-mile jog. I played Tarkov with my brother, and then the girls got back.

Yes, there was one slight wrinkle in our day. When I came downstairs to watch Origins with the girls, I discovered a lot of trash under the coffee table. There were for the special treat Missus had bought in order to get Younger to stay in bed at night. She had climbed up and opened the box on top of the fridge and eaten two packages. Well, almost two, there was still a few bites on top of the coffee table. As I was discussing with Missus, who was very upset. Younger came downstairs. She was carrying a small paper bag and told us she was going to play with her friend.

I told her that she was grounded for sneaking candy and that she needed to take a timeout and clean up her mess before she was allowed to do anything. I took the bag from her. It was sealed shut with tape. Inside the bag I could feel a small object, about the same size as a single-serving snack treat. BUSTED.

The next twenty minutes could only be described as deny, deny, deny. It was quite fascinating to watch. I was very Zen about the whole deal and was just fascinated by the rationalization and coping strategies that she went through to trying to convince us that not only did she not eat the treats and leave the mess in the living room that morning, but that she hadn’t even been trying to sneak one of them over to her friend. It was an amazing glimpse.

When it was clear that she wasn’t getting out of it without an apology, she would apologize, but not tell me why she was apologizing. Then she would say it under her breath or mumble it so that we couldn’t hear it, and at one point I laughed out loud at her, which really pissed her off, and she ran upstairs for some good old door slamming. Then she had the nerve to come down and tell us that it was Satan that made her want to do bad things, while simultaneously demanding an apology from me for laughing at her. She eventually did her timeout, and we cleaned up the living room.

The rest of the day we spent outside. Missus and I gave the shed a thorough cleaning out while the kids played with the neighbors. There was the constant refereeing, numerous boo-boos that we had to deal with, but we managed to finish it up with some homemade cheesesteak sandwiches and a few fingers of whiskey.

I stayed up till midnight, and woke up a bit groggy, but not hungover at all. My Whoop is telling me I need my daily dose of strain. A good two mile run ought to do the trick. I’ve been doing pushups and some random sets with the weights, but work is quiet today so I should probably get outside while it’s nice.

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