Primed for strain

Today’s title is a phrase that meets me every day when I open up my Whoop! app, which is a high-end fitness tracker that I’ve had for the last month. It tracks cardiovascular strain throughout the day and somehow magically my sleep cycles as well, and gives me a recovery score. It’s useful for elite athletes as it lets them know how hard they can push themselves and still leave something in the tank for when they need it. For me, it just tells me that I’m not getting enough sleep and that I’m not pushing myself hard enough to see any “fitness gains”. Right now I’m just trying to keep it balanced, which means at least running over two miles a day. I probably need to throw in a weight lifting session as well to keep it moving in the right direction.

I’ve had some success moving my bedtime up, although this week has been a mess. I was turning in at nine PM last week so that I could get the recommended eight hours, and it was great, but I’ve struggled this week. I turned in relatively early last night but didn’t fall asleep until close to midnight.

This morning is cold and dreary. It’s raining, but I might have a window after lunch to get out and pound the pavement. It won’t be pleasant.

Younger put Missus through the ringer last night. So I let everyone sleep in while I meditated. I just dropped the girls off at school. Missus is still asleep.

Meditating, running, and working out, coupled with an early bedtime, is forcing me to refactor how I spend my time. I’m allowing myself a lot of time spent playing Tarkov — I am determined to master the beast — but other than that I’m staying productive. I started in earnest on a Solana program for a small work project yesterday. I’m letting the dao project take a bit of a backseat while I let others on the team do their thing. Plus I have to call in for potential jury duty on Friday which might take me off the schedule for two weeks.

In all, things are going in the right direction. My existential anxiety has been muted; my work review tomorrow is highly anticipated, and with it, a significant raise. That should give me a good idea how my future with Star Atlas is looking. I’ve got my health, things around the house are good, relations with the family strong, and my financial security seems strong. COVID seems like it’s over, and if not for the conflict in Ukraine I’d say everything is perfect.

Still, I’ve got a lot going on that I’m ignoring. I haven’t even started on taxes yet, (this weekend, I promise), and I’ve got a bullshit bill from the insurance company, who are refusing my blood work again. Don’t get me started on the American healthcare system. Please, not this morning.

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