Slow start

I tried my best to get to bed at a decent hour last night, but couldn’t fall asleep. Then when I did, I got woke up twice, once by Younger trying to sneak into the bed, and a second time by Elder, who had an accident in bed and wanted help doing her laundry. I told her to get her but back to bed. So when the time came to rise and shine, I got Younger to school without any problems, but came back to find Missus and Elder arguing. Elder was having a breakdown. I offered to let her stay home, but she wanted to go.

Yesterday was our daddy-daughter day, our quarterly board meeting, if you will. It was a bit abbreviated because Missus didn’t get back with the car until after four, but we managed to make the best of it. She spent fifty dollars of her allowance at the clothing store, then we spent an hour at the local trampoline park, then finished up with a late dinner at Golden Corral where we both ate ourselves sick.

The trampoline park is a bit of a mixed bag. I’m not sure how long the place has been open, but they use these 6″ foam cubes for the pits that you fall into that are disintegrating, so you wind up with these small pieces all over you when using the rock wall and landing pits. I can only imagine how much sweat and grime they hold. The place was crowded as hell, which tons of people enjoying pizza — it’s not a gym, obviously, but it was understaffed as well, with one only one person patrolling the actual trampoline area. Elder tried to use the bathroom and came back and said that every toilet was unusable. Me personally I like the place since it’s the only place I know of with obstacle courses and rock climbing gear. I need to find a training place. (What I really need is better hand and upper body strength… that place is tough.)

(Goes off to find rock climbing gyms in the area)

I was so tired when Missus left this morning that I went back to bed and slept for another hour and a half. Now I’m slowly caffinating and planning my day out. This weekend was not very productive. I did absolute zero on the tax stuff that I need to do, it’s making me despair.

Younger has been a cookie thief, I found another empty box of Girls Scout cookies in her bedroom Saturday, and then Sunday after she came back from church she tried to sneak another box over to the neighbors house. So that’s it, all cookies are gone. As punishment I made her do chores all afternoon. We did both bathrooms, her laundry and her bed, which took most of the afternoon. Then I made her wait for Missus to get back, by which time her friend wasn’t home. I came home to find a half-eaten bowl of ramen on the table, and she was eating crackers. So I guess grocery shopping is first thing on my list today.

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