But first, coffee

Today is not quite starting off the way I had planned. Yesterday was awesome, I got at least four hours of deep work — Solana programming — and had a full day, checking off all the boxes: meditation, weight training, a long run. Hell, I even had two successful Tarkov night raids in a row, which I can’t say has happened in a long while. There was a SAIAdao meeting that went well, and I turned in shortly after to read Watts, and then had lights out at 10:20 or so.

Then I couldn’t sleep.

My brain was running. I actually had a couple flashes of insight regarding the POLISdao that I had to get up and write down. But according to my Whoop, I didn’t fall asleep until after midnight.

Then Younger came in the bed, which is never a good thing for sleep. Then my Whoop woke me up an hour early because I change the alarm to wake me up if it senses that I’m recovered. This threw me off and I woke up Missus thinking that she had forgot to set the alarm. Once I realized what time it was I went back to bed.

Then, when it was time to actually get up, Missus wouldn’t a Younger wanted to fight me. I was grumpy so I wanted to fight back. The girl has this chronic chapped upper lip, and I told her all she needs to do (besides stop licking them) is to drink water and put on the medicine. She just wouldn’t do it. Anyways I dropped the kids off and promptly went back to sleep.

I just finished a short two-mile run, and am showered and ready for work today. Thursdays I’ve got team meetings, but hopefully I’ll get some deep work this morning.

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