Today was a pretty good day.

Friday was the end of the sprint at Star Atlas, and we had some pretty good engineering demos from the rest of the team. We spent the evening having pizza and movie night, then I stayed up — way too late — gaming with my boy Ed and his coworker. We played The Ascent, but Ed wimped out. Apparently it wasn’t his type of game. I actually bought copies for both of them, hoping that the three of us could game together.

I was up at eight to take Missus to the train station so that she could go on her training. We stopped at Crispy Creme to get donuts for the girls, then we went home and I promptly passed out until eleven, when I had a SAIAdao meeting. That went well, we’re making progress.

The rest of the day has been a drag-ass kinda day. I cooked lunch for the kids and neighbors, and Younger started fighting with them so I watched Bluey and half of Beauty and the Beast while I napped. I spent the rest of the day playing Tarkov, running night raids with some pretty good success. I’m almost level 15, and then I get the flea market.

I cooked dinner, then watched Hawkeye with the kids. Younger is in bed now, and I’m letting Elder stay up to watch one more show.

The kids have church tomorrow morning, so hopefully I’ll get a round or two in with my brother. I’m hoping to take the kids for a bike ride at a park on the other side of town. My only worry is what the weather is going to be like, and whether Elder’s bike will make it without the chain coming off. She’s due for a new bike.

Staratlas.Exchange went offline today after I failed to pay the AWS bill for two months. It’s just a pain in the butt the way my business accounts are setup, so I just went ahead and dropped a grand on my personal card. The site still isn’t back up and running, but it should be tomorrow.

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