Biking day

So day one without Missus was actually pretty nice. I didn’t go crazy last night, and caught up on some sleep. The girls went to church, I played Tarkov all morning and then we went off on our adventure: BIKING.

Tarkov has turned me into a bit of a bag fetishist. The local department store had these backpacks that were very reminiscent of bags in Tarkov, and after several trips there I finally decided to pull the trigger on this thirty dollar bag. I love it already. We stopped by the store, Younger needed a pullover, and Elder needed socks, so I loaded up the bikes, took them to the store, and then we drove a half hour away to go biking. It was fun.

The kids were troopers, especially Younger, who was defying-death on the hiking trails before we got kicked off by the park ranger. By that time we were done “mountain biking” and spent the rest of the time biking over winding, slightly hilly gravel roads to a lookout point over the creek. I packed plenty of water and snacks.

After we left there, I dropped the girls off at Momo’s so that I could have a break — more Tarkov — then I gorged myself on a BK Bacon King. It was a bit much, but I don’t eat there often.

So now both the girls are in bed and my final challenge tonight is to get my own butt to bed at a decent hour so that I can get the girls to school on time. A new work sprint starts tomorrow and I need to be on point.

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