The week has been going well, but today was very good. We realized a mistake in our understanding of the sabre/snapshots program was completely wrong, and that much of our worrying was for naught. We just cleared some major obstacles for development. Also, I finished filing my taxes today.

I’m not too happy about the later. I basically accounted for all fiat transfers from my exchange accounts into my checking account, and labelled the proceeds as short term investments with zero-dollar cost basis. Somehow I still wound up with a federal refund, so I told them to keep it and apply it to next year’s return. I didn’t even bother with business deductions either. Wound up paying a half-thou in state taxes. That’s as good as it’s going to get for now.

It just goes to show how fucked up crypto-taxes in the US are. And I hear news like Panama removing capital gains from BTC investment. Oh, if only.

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