Daddy daughter day

What a day. Friday was game night, I tried to reel it in a bit because of today’s activities, so I only stayed up till 1:30. Apparently I made a friend on the Tarkov servers when they saw my name. NFT talk needed to be squelched in favor of in-game coordination. I was not on my A-Game.

Elder woke me up at 6:30, she had a Saturday field trip for school. They had raised trout at the school and released them into the wild today. So she was gone all day.

Younger and I went to the rock gym, again it wasn’t my best performance, but Younger did great while I belayed her. I did manage some tricky routes that I hadn’t done before, but my arms were not strong today.

After the gym we went to DQ for her hot dog and ice cream. She fell asleep on the ride home. We went back out after a pit stop and bought her a mountain bike, then we grabbed mine and went to the local BMX track for more intense activity. I was really proud of Younger, both at the gym and the track, she’s such a trooper. Hopefully she’s going to sleep real well tonight. We also went by the store and bought a card and some gifts for Missus’s birthday next week. Younger bought her a jar of pickles.

We picked up Elder from school, then I called in Thai food and went home. I’m beat. Gonna watch Moon Knight and maybe turn in early.

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