Baby slaps

Inch by inch, life’s a cinch

Well I sure did step up my game. I guess I was anxious about writing a big long post for today’s Substack post, so I wrote it last night. Someone put out a message on the company Slack yesterday about a suspicious email, and I almost fell for it. I figured it warranted an exposition, so I spent an hour or so last night writing it up, after everyone went to bed. The experience writing at night, undisturbed, is quite different from my morning writing, when the kids are getting up and wandering in the room every five minutes. I’m not sure I like having a deadline every night like that though, so we’ll keep it limited to Thursday nights. I think I’ll even put it on my calendar just to keep it routine. Done.

I didn’t make any progress on my WordPress client last night, instead, I’ve started reading through the Docker documentation so that I can figure out what the hell I’m doing with my setups. I know a couple commands; it feels like I’m an infant failing my limbs trying to grab a rattle but I keep hitting myself in the head instead. I don’t understand half of the stuff I’m reading when I look at some of the image notes in Docker Hub, and trying to read through some of the discussions on GitHub issues is even worse. So I’m just reading through the best practices documentation to try and get a sense of how things run between Dockerfiles and Docker Compose, so that I can load a SQL backup automatically, add access my PHP files in both my development environment and in the container’s web services.

And the Docker documentation is pretty interesting. It’s scattered with little goodies like links to Twelve-Factor Apps, and here documents, which is something I didn’t even know about. And if there’s one place I need to step up, it’s my bash skills.

Anyways, I get to keep this post short since today’s a double post day. I thought about writing something for an off day, but figured the ritual of writing morning pages was more important than taking a day off. I’m starting to gather ideas faster, and my writing output has stepped up quite a bit. So I’m going to wrap it up, make some changes to today’s big post before I blast it out to several hundred unknowing Substack subscribers.

Now, time to go grab that rattle by the horns.

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