Vacation over

Time to soothe my sore muscles and get back in gear

I’m writing this morning from my father in law’s house up in the mountains. Yesterday we took the family on a seven mile canoe ride. It took us over five hours. The water level was pretty low in several places and our canoes kept hitting the bottom of the small rapids, so there was a lot of pushing and walking in places. Plus it seems we had to stop every half hour to feed the kids.

I dumped our small three-person kayak at stop, along with Missus and Younger. I was getting out to enjoy the water and threw her off balance. I jumped off between our kayak and the larger canoe, Missus was holding on to it in the front and my lunge simultanousley rocked her toward the other boat, which she was holding onto, and pushed her away from it, and it unbalanced her and tipped the whole thing over. Whoops.

We got out of the river just in time, we exited at a ramp under a bridge just as a heavy thunderstorm came over us. There was hail as well. We all piled into my car, which we had dropped off earlier in the day, wet as dogs, and drove back up river to retrieve the truck so we could come back and get the boats.

We spent the rest of the evening watching Hamilton, – it really is quite good – and slathering aloe vera on the spots on our bodies we had failed to cover with sunscreen. I passed out early and immediately after going to bed, and now the whole family save Elder is up, puttering about for breakfast.

Yesterday broke my writing streak. I forgot a plug for my laptop charger, so I have an excuse, but I still haven’t decided what to write for today’s Substack, and we have a three or four hour drive home ahead of us. I don’t know whether it’s better to write a short post and publish on time, or just start writing and publish it when it’s done. Quantity or quality, I suppose.

My FIL has a rental cabin that they manage through a third party site. He mentioned that they’re taking seven percent of his bookings, so I now have a third web development project in the hopper. I had better get cracking when we get back home.

First I have to get there, so I had best start getting things together: bags and cooler packed, car loaded, then get these kids fed and in the car. Then it’s back to the hustle and grind.

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