Fifty thousand

If only for a moment

Things are moving so well right now.

BTC tapped $50k for a bit last night before dipping and spending most of the day ranging. We just had the highest daily close ever, and news everywhere is so good, even nocoiners are acknowledging that we could 2x from here. This exchange was pretty amazing:

My brokerage IRA hit another round six-figure number before pulling back today. Apparently there’s a short report on $EH that dumped it 50%. I’ll have to look into it but first glance seems bullshit. I considered selling some $RIOT calls today but too nervous to even put out a three day contract at this point. Seems insane that I can make fifteen hundred dollars for a Friday expiry on forty thousand worth of stock, I’m just sad that I’ve been missing out on it all this time.

A tweet from Brian Roemmele drew my attention to an OTC stock called Bitcoin Services $BTSC. There’s absolutely no information on it other than a sketchy website that doesn’t mention anything other than mining and programming services. So of course I threw two grand at it after I sold some GBTC.

I wrote up a proposal for the Homebrew.Finance NFT Index TokenSet, which we’re calling $MUG. Collectible mugs get it? I actually got half an ETH from one of the SetProtocol founders to deploy it, and sent the transaction out last night. Didn’t put enough gas on it, so it hasn’t gone through, so I’m going to up it tonight after writing and hope to squeeze it through overnight. I can’t wait to get started with it. I think it might have huge opportunity. I learned a lot about the issuance challenges, so we’ll have to follow this liquidation schedule to allow investors in and out. I do have an idea on how to fix this problem that involves API3, and I’m trying to bring the two teams together to make it happen. So fun.

I sent the last of my paperwork into Kraken today to get my approval on the LLC account. Still no word from Gemini. And my brokerage is being super slow to get my funds wired out. It’s ridiculous. My original plan to submit a wire a day isn’t going to work, it’s too much hassle. But I don’t want to be exposed to cash for two weeks or whatever while I move funds around, so I’ll just have to do like five percent of my portfolio at a time. That’s still a lot of money. It’s kinda hard to believe that I’m doing all this. It seems nuts that I’m planning on putting almost all of my life savings on a seventy dollar piece of electronics, but here we are.

So I’m considering dropping three-fifty on this Lattice1 hardware wallet. It’s a step up from my current hardware wallet, which I can barely read. I’m not sure yet, but it looks neat as hell. I’ll either expense for business or buy it for the IRA. Not sure yet, I’ll worry about it after I have funds in Kraken. I’m definitely going to need something more secure if Homebrew does anything.

And I also got a call lined up with a potential product manager position related to crypto/fintech. It’s exciting, but it’s got me wondering if I can really afford to stay on with my current job like I had promised. I spent fifteen minutes on the phone with someone today because they had the wrong charger for their company laptop, and it was the perfect example of the stuff I’m not trying to deal with anymore. We’ll see how it goes, it seems like the opportunities are coming from all around.

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