Easter Sunday

This is going to require a full write up on it’s own, but I wanted to mark the occasion.

The A and B pools should take care of themselves for the rest of the month, but I’ll have to keep an eye on the C tranche. ForceDAO is liquidity mining (I got airdrop, also), the Ellipsis.Finance needs daily or weekly management to claim and vest rewards, and Integral is LP mining and hopefully actually launching soon. They’re supposed to be adding single-asset LP staking, and will hopefully go live with the actual trade module at some point very soon.

A Tweet turned me on to DeFiLlama yesterday, and looking at the TVL trends I noticed BasketDAO. 400% APY on DPI token, so I went ahead and aped in using my blockchainman.eth wallet, and, since I was planning on buying some DPI in my IRA wallet, I went ahead and purchased and staked that as well. They plan on building out an interest bearing DPI token for their first product, so that might be interesting.

I decided to put some IRA funds into Ellipsis. I went with LP staking, since the 3pool funds that I used for the stablecoin fund are only getting 100% APY and the LP tokens are an order of magnitude higher. I’m sure this can’t end well, but the EPS rewards vest over several weeks, and require one to take a 50% penalty to withdrawal early. On top of that, or after that, I should say, one can lock your EPS tokens for three months while earning 1000% APY. I’m sure none of this is going to end well, so I went with a very small allocation, risk wise. There doesn’t seem to be much activity in the actual swap pool itself, at all, so I don’t know what the chance of success will be. BSC is a mess of farm pools, it’s absolutely insane.

Just a random BSC pool that I stumbled across. DYOR!

The Fei.Money Genesis event ended yesterday. There was a lot of discussion about it, since the launch went off with a billion dollars in TVL and ended so far off the peg. It’s currently at $0.97. I opted for the TRIBE preswap, and that didn’t go too well, so I’ll be holding on to see what happens. The mint bonus has increased to six percent, so it may get to the peg very soon. We shall see.

Happy Easter everyone! We’re hosting family in a few hours, so I’ve got to get a move on this morning. Enjoy!

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